Client Reviews

Exceeded my expectations

Mr. Smith is an excellent attorney. He responded to my needs quickly and gave helpful and well informed advice. When I needed him to communicate on my behalf he expertly met my needs while also being my advocate. Shane Smith was the attorney I needed, when I needed him, and exceeded my expectations.

– Jamie (5 star review)

Kind, Respectful, and EXCELLENT at his job!

I honestly do not know where to begin with Mr. Shane Smith.

Upon calling attorneys to setup an initial appointment, I shopped around, but was given a run around with everyone I talked to and treated like a chore, not a client. Mr. Hodtwalker upon our first conversation showed genuine concern for my well being, pending separation, and doing whatever they could to get me representation for my divorce ASAP. The small things mattered to me before coming into my first meeting ,including calling to check that I was ok, and if I needed anything before my first appointment.

Not only is Mr. Smith a phenomenal attorney he is a shark. He knows his trade! My divorce was quickly handled, and settled out of court with me receiving more than I was initially asking for. Mr. Smith always had my best interest at heart, and didn’t lead me on, make false promises, and always told me matter of fact what my options were and what we could accomplish.

Shane and his team give you 5 star service before you are even a client, which says a lot about their character and business practices. Then you are treated like a human being, not a client.

No calls, emails, or concern of mine ever went unanswered.

The one thing I will always remember is Shane telling me you have enough in life to worry about, let me worry about your divorce and dealing with your ex. You don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Thank you BOTH for all the hard work, dedication, and being wonderful people!

– Mackenzie (5 star review)

Excellent Divorce Attorney

Hired Shane Smith and his team to represent me in a divorce that had the potential to be very difficult long and drawn out. The end result was a fair divorce and settled in as timely a manner that could be expected.
Shane and his team work very effectively together , communicate well with their clients, and have a calming effect during trying times.
I highly recommend Shane Smith. Look no further for a good divorce attorney.

– Larry (5 star review)

Super lawyer – T. Shane Smith

I employed Mr Shane Smith by searching google, “best divorce/custody lawyers in Birmingham” Shane was in the top 2! He definitely lived up to his title of being one of the best. I would highly recommend Mr Shane Smith as a Family lawyer. His knowledge and counseling far surpassed any other family/divorce lawyer that I consulted with or had previously hired. Basically I told him what I wanted, and he made it happen. As a super needy client, Shane was always there to guide me along the way, he really seemed to care about me and my family as people and not just his client. He helped get the best possible outcome, based out the circumstances we were facing. “Amazing” is an understatement when describing Mr Smith.

– Client

Excellent Divorce Attorney

Mr. Smith was recommended to me thru a family member who was a friend. I had just discovered that I was in dire need of a very good divorce attorney, one that not only was knowledgeable of the law, but one who would have knowledge of dealing with abuse and a narcissistic personality. He was extremely professional, straightforward and positive. He told me what to expect and was available for me during the process. I could not have been more pleased with his ability and sense of judgement. I would highly recommend Mr. Smith for any legal advice.

– Client (5 star review)

Highly Professional

Shane Smith has been extremely helpful to me and my family with two different situations. He is extremely knowledgeable and supportive. He is very patient and understanding with difficult and emotional circumstances.

– Allen (5 star review)

Head and Shoulders Above The Rest!

Shane was referred to me in 2014 by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an attorney who is supportive of marginalized communities; for me it is the LGBT community. My experience in court with child custody issues had been heavily weighted against me and I knew I needed to move away from the hometown attorneys and find someone who was a high profile attorney and could fight against the prejudices that my marriage faced in the south.

I struggled because I couldn’t find an attorney that had the gusto to fight the opposing counsel.

When I found Shane, everything changed. He had that fire in his belly that I had not seen before in an attorney who was representing me. He was ALWAYS honest and professional. His integrity ranks at the very top. There was never a time where he came close to any ethical or moral lines. I always felt comfortable with Shane and the dialogue between us was honest and productive.

Shane represented me in two separate cases and both outcomes were positive and in the best interest of my son. I never felt like my same sex marriage was a consideration in the ruling and it was because of how Shane fought for me. My family is together today because of Shane and there is no price that you can put on that.

– Heather (5 star review)

Cool, Calm, and Collected

I came to Mr. Smith after moving to Alabama and still trying to finish up a separation/divorce that began in another state. In my initial consultation, I was nervous, stressed, and overwhelmed, but Mr. Smith brought a palpable sense of relief; we even laughed a time or two. What was supposed to be an easy and uncontested divorce dragged out longer than expected due to the other party. Throughout the entire process, Smith was patient and kept in more than satisfactory communication with me to obtain an expedient resolution. I would not only suggest Mr. Smith for his authenticity and professionalism, but also because he is strong, scrupulous, and just. I would also add that Mr. Smith is aided by a truly consummate paralegal. It was obvious to me that this team is a valuable one, and one that I would highly recommend to anyone.

– Jeremy (5 star review)

Experienced, Calm, And a Focused Divorce Lawyer

There is nothing pleasant about divorce, so the attorney representing you should be competent, knowledgeable, unrelenting, kind and a good communicator. Shane is all those things, is quick on his feet and has an appropriate sense of humor. I highly recommend him to anyone going through this challenging time.

I trust Shane completely and know that he represented my interests, and the interests of my children, at all times during the year-long process. Because of his background in psychology, Shane understood what the children were going through and how the decisions being made would affect them. He used that understanding to help guide the process. He is a fierce advocate and took the time to understand my goals and fight on my behalf so I did not have to.

Shane is also very responsive and has great judgment. He got me through the long ordeal in as positive a manner as possible. Shane impressed me by doing everything he said he would do, when he said it would be done, and always kept me “in the loop”. Shane did a great job of keeping the case focused, even during situations that could have been blown out of proportion. In that way, he never tried to overwork the case to earn more; he was very fair with billing.

Not only is Shane a fantastic attorney, he is also an impressive person with outstanding morals and takes his ethical obligations very seriously. While I would never want to go through a divorce again, if I did I would not hesitate to call Shane. I highly recommend him as an experienced, knowledgeable, kind, and rational attorney.

– Client (5 star review)

An Invaluable Resource Throughout my Divorce

Shane was great about explaining the process and keeping me up to date with how things were progressing. He was extremely helpful with any problems I had throughtout the process and answered all of my questions in a knowledgable and straightforward manner. He proved himself to be trustworthy and an invaluable resource during such an overwhelming time.

– Client (5 star review)

Absolute Phenomenal Lawyer

Shane was absolutely phenomenal. He remained involved from the beginning and always kept us informed about what exactly was going on in our case. He took time to understand our situation in detail and truly listened to our wants and concerns. He made us feel as though we were close friends and he wanted the absolute best for me and my family. I completely believe our victory in court was 100% due to us hiring him as our lawyer.

– The Durhams (5 star review)

Shane is The Essential Ingredient In Child Custody Matters

Shane was the essential ingredient in the performance of my child custody case. He effortlessly navigated through my highly complex, sensitive, and volatile case with a granular focus on the legal details necessary. The results were both measurable and effective. His methodical work ethic coupled with immense probing, and investigatory skills secured my case and alleviated as much stress as was possible during a tremendously trying time.

– Hal (5 star review)

Excellent attorney for a divorce or custody case

Mr. Smith did an excellent job. He was very knowledgeable and gave me sound advice. He is tough but fair and got me the judgment that I wanted. He was a calming presence during a very stressful stage in my life and I am grateful to have had him represent me. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer to represent them in a divorce or custody case.

– Susan (5 star review)

Outstanding Integrity

As a law enforcement officer I have worked with numerous attorneys in a variety of cases ranging from criminal to civil. I’ve seen firsthand what an attorney without a conscience is capable of. A few years ago, I was forced into a legal battle of my own. I obtained the services of Mr. Smith to represent me in the most important case of my life. Mr. Smith’s knowledge of family law and his integrity while practicing that law is nothing short of amazing. I was most impressed that he did not accept my narrative as the truth until he had confirmed it through the means that he had available. Mr. Smith made it clear that while he represented me, the child involved was what was most important. I have no reservations about recommending Mr. Smith to anyone.

– Jason (5 star review)