Creating Function From Dysfunction

Birmingham Attorney T. Shane Smith acquired his law degree after studying psychology at the graduate level at the University of Southern Mississippi.  A long-time learner, Shane sought to apply his interest in the fields of behavior and motivation to the practice of law.  Shane uses that knowledge today to run a successful and thriving family law practice. He seeks to zealously guide his clients through the legal process and help them, one-by-one, create a functional home environment out of the dysfunction with which they may present.

Shane has a lengthy career as an advocate for children, having taught daycare to help pay his way through graduate school.  While in law school, Shane served as the clinical coordinator at Birmingham Neuropsychology at Brookwood Medical Center.

Shane founded his own firm, Steel City Law, LLC, in 2017, after having been shareholder and lead attorney in a selection of prominent Birmingham firms.  He provides skilled, individualized services for his clients in the areas of divorce, family law, dependency, custody, and adoption.  He serves all family types, from traditional to more unique and modern family units.  Steel City Law is a safe space for persons of any race, religion, sex, gender, and sexuality.  There is no room for discrimination of any sort when dealing with families, the most important unit in American society.

Steel City Law, LLC additionally offers some additional services such as representation in Protection from Abuse matters.  Having served as a domestic violence attorney for Legal Services Alabama for over three (3) years, Shane is well-versed in this area and seeks to help his clients find ancillary services such as drug and alcohol counseling, domestic violence and anger management counseling, and even parenting classes.

Shane is one of a handful of trained Parenting Coordinators in the State of Alabama, and he is also trained to provide mediation services for those seeking alternative dispute resolution in their matrimonial matters.  He also currently sits in his second term as the Chair of the Family Law Section of the Alabama State Bar.

Call T. Shane Smith today at (205) 607-0225 for a consultation.  Help is just a phone call away.